About Us


I used to help out at our local church holiday club in the summer. Each day we told a story to the children and I was asked to create PowerPoint slides to help keep them engaged while it was told. Over the years I created new shows, refined the older ones and animated them to bring them to life.

My presentations were used in the church services as well as the holiday club once word spread. They were used in the childrens talks and became a massive hit!


It's not always easy coming up with ideas for childrens talks or finding content that keeps audiences engaged. Having looked for similar content, I was surprised to find that there's nothing quite like the presentations I had created. I therefore decided to start up my own business so that I could share my shows with the world.


I wanted a name that represented our digital format and christian content. The name 'Pixible' was born, mixing 'pixel' and 'Bible'. I then created this site to make it easy to purchase my presentations.

Lastly, I do appreciate any feedback (good or bad) from my customers. Whether it's about the presentations themselves or successful uses of them, I want to hear from you. This can be done in the Contact Us section of the site.