Frequently Asked Questions

Where did Pixible come from?

Any background information about Pixible can be found in the About Us section of the site.

Is your site secure?

Of course! We only accept payments through Paypal - we don't take any card details on our site. Any information you do provide us with is completely confidential. For more information, see our Privacy Statement.

How do I open and view your presentations?

The Microsoft Office Suite and PowerPoint is not required to play our shows; however, if these are not installed on your computer you will need to download Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 2007 for free to view them.

We also 'Zip' the presentations with a readme to keep the file size down. If you can't open the file once you've downloaded it, you may need to download a program to 'UnZip' the file such as WinZip or WinRAR. Either of these programs allow you to download a free version of their software.

Can I edit your presentations?

No. Our presentations are locked so that they can only play back. Editing our presentations would breach the Conditions of Use that you agreed to by downloading the presentation.

Can I share a presentation once I've downloaded it?

Yes, to a certain extent. Our presentations are licensed to your church or establishment and you may distribute it to other members for use. You may not distribute it to other churches or establishments. This would be a breach of the Conditions of Use you agreed to by downloading the presentation.

These presentations are great! Is it possible to make requests for new shows?

Yes, any suggestions for new shows will always be considered. Please use the Contact Us page to tell us which story/stories you would like Pixilated.

If you would like a presentation specifically made and licensed to you or your church/establishment alone, contact us and we can discuss pricing.